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Bumblebee Ball Pythons

Bumblebee Ball Python Python regius

The Bumblebee Ball Python is a truly amazing combination.  Spider and Pastel combine in one snake to create a beautiful yellow and black ball python that really resembles a bee.  I still remember seeing this snake for the first time.  It was at a show when Kevin first produced them.  He was running around with this spectacular animal in his hand and it was the first glimpse of what a "Designer Ball Python" could be.  Since then we have come a long way with our combinations, but the Bumble Bee is still near the top of the heap.  Now that they are more affordable, the Bumblebee is within reach to every keeper and a must have for every collector.

Below you will find individual pictures of Bumblebee Ball Pythons that are Available for immediate shipment.

If there are no photos below, please contact us for current availability.

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