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Candy Ball Pythons

Candy Ball Python Python regius

The Candy gene creates a purple albino ball python.  It is simple recessive which usually means several years of growing hets and waiting to produce.  But there is good news, the Candy has been proven compatible with the more common albino gene.  This means you can breed a Candy to your het. Albino girls and make these spectacular purple beauties.  This is "hands down" one of the most beautiful ball pythons you will ever behold.  We cannot wait to start using this gene to see what is creations are possible.      

Below you will find individual pictures of Candy Ball Pythons that are Available for immediate shipment.  If there are no photos below, please contact us for current availability.

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Black Pastel Candino Ball Python-19M1
Price: $450.00
Black Pastel Candino Ball Python-19M1
Black Pastel Candino Ball Python
Candino Ball Python-19F1
Price: $250.00
Candino Ball Python-19F1
Candino Ball Python
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