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All mail, shipments and packages should be sent to the address below.
Physical and Mailing Address:
Constrictors Unlimited
Mike Wilbanks
1825 N.E. 23rd Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73111

Contacting The Team
Before you contact us, you might find a faster answer to your question by checking our 
 There are many common questions here with expert answers.
Please click on the name of the appropriate team member name relating to your inquiry.  We make every effort to answer every question, but we receive hundreds of inquiries per week.  If we are away at a show, sometimes, it will take extra time for us to get caught up.  Please be patient with us and understand that we want to be responsive to every friend, client and customer, but animal care comes first and during peak hatch season, our number one priority is care of the new babies as it should be.

For questions about domestic USA Ball Python sales, domestic shipping arrangements, or any other question related to the care of a ball python that you purchased from us, please contact Willis Beaver by clicking the link below.

For International Ball Python Sales, Questions about exports, show bookings, International shipment scheduling, government inquiries, CITES, large package pricing, information about becoming a distributor in your country, please contact Mike Wilbanks by clicking the link below..

Fax Number
+1 (866) 297-0866
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