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Disco Fire Ball Pythons

Disco Fire aka Disco Inferno Ball Python Python regius

The Disco gene is allelic with the Fire gene and looks very similiar in its heterozygous form.  When Disco is combined with Fire instead of the result being a beautiful Black Eyed Leucistic, we get the Disco Inferno.  Similar to a Vanilla Fire, the Disco Fire has a scrambled pattern and enhanced oranges and yellows.  This combination differs from the Vanilla Fire by having a pure, bright white belly that even comes up and over the sides occasionally.  The Disco Inferno will make you want to do the ball python dance disco style!  OK, cheesy, but true.

Below you will find individual pictures of Disco Fire Ball Pythons that are Available for immediate shipment.  If there are no photos below, please contact us for current availability.

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