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Eclipse Ball Pythons

Eclipse Ball Python Python regius

The Eclipse overshadows all other designer morphs if a field crowded with worthy competitors.  This is at least a triple co-dom designer morph possible quad.  It is my opinion that Eclipse Ball Pythons produced in the future will not have a perfectly divided face like this one, but we will see the white coming over the top.  I am basing this opinion on the other animals hatched in the same clutch and my experience with the third gene in the combination.  Two of the genes in this combination are somewhat common in collections.  The third is a gene that, as far as I know, is only in my collection.  I believe that this combination is so earth shattering, I am not even saying what the other more common genes are so my competition will not gear up on those combos in preparation for my release of the third gene.  If you have a guess, please do that breeding and see how close you come.  Please do not email me and ask if you are right.  If I were going to say, I would do so here.  I am not big on the whole secret combination thing.  I know part of the fun is aiming toward these really special combinations regardless of the level that you are breeding.  In this case, it makes sense to wait before we release anymore information.  

Below you will find individual pictures of Eclipse Ball Pythons that are Available for immediate shipment. If there are no photos below, please contact us for current availability.

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