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Export FAQ

How can I receive FREE shipping for an export order?
If you place an order over $7500, we will pay all of the shipping charges and other fees involved in exporting your order to you. This FREE shipping offer can mean thousands in savings to you! We pay all charges on our end to get the shipment to you. Any taxes, fees, etc. in your country will still be paid by you.
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Do you ship Internationally?
We welcome International orders and are very familiar with the export procedures.
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What are the charges involved in an export order?
There is NO CHARGE for CITES permits. We will ship for a Flat rate of $350 to most countries.
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Do you export to my country?
If you can receive permission from your country to LEGALLY import ball pythons, then we can export to you. We have shipped to most countries in Europe, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, South Africa, India, Mexico and some other South American countries. If you live in a country not listed please fill out a contact form to Mike Wilbanks with your specific export question.
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Is the a minimum order for export?
We have a $2500 minimum order for all export orders. This is because it is not cost effective for either of us to pay all the shipping and other charges for less. Many people will get a group of friends together to place the order so they can meet the minimum.
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How do I place an order for delivery to a show you will be attending?
You can place your order directly through our website. The individual pictures are the actual animals you will receive. Simply add them to your cart and check out. During step 2 of Check Out, there is a link near the top under "No Shipping and Other Shipping Options" that says "Click here for rates". Click that link. Choose the "Free Shipping-No Shipping-Pick or Deliver to Show" option. Then we will hand deliver the Ball Pythons of your choice to any show completely free of any additional charges! This includes the famous Terraristika Hamm show in Hamm Germany. This saves you a lot over traditional import because we pay all of the taxes and other transport fees associated with exporting and importing into your country.
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