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Fire Ball Pythons

Fire Ball Python Python regius

The Fire trait is expressed in an overall lightness, a brighter pale yellow and intense blushing.  The Fire is a co-dominant gene that, when bred together, produces the Super Fire.  The Super Fire is the holy grail of Ball Pythons, the Black Eyed Leucistic.  

Besides producing the spectacular black eyed leucistic, the Fire gene is one of the most useful genes that you can have in your collection.  Fire is a clean up gene.  We have found the Fire gene very useful in stripping the undesirable dark pigment that often covers the brighter yellows underneath.  It is difficult to think of a single combination that does not get better with the addition of the Fire gene.  

We have been working with the Fire for longer than anyone else in the United States and our collection of Fires, Fire combos and Black Eyed Leucistics is unmatched anywhere in the world.     

Below you will find individual pictures of Fire Ball Pythons and other ball pythons with the Fire gene that are Available for immediate shipment. If there are no photos below, please contact us for current availability.

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