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Fire Bee Ball Pythons

Fire Bee Ball Python Python regius

The Fire Bee Ball Python is the combination of three genes, the Fire Ball Python, Spider Ball Python and the Pastel Ball Python.  The Bumble Bee ball python is one of the most popular combination on the market today.  Bumble Bees are awesome and they are powerful to have in your collection.  There is only one problem, they get dark as they age and that beautiful yellow and black baby becomes, well, not so beautiful.  The addition of the Fire gene fixes all of that.  The fire strips all of the dark pigment off and makes a very clean baby Bumble Bee.  But it really shines when the Fire Bee becomes an adult.  They STAY that bright yellow and black that made us all fall in love with the Bumble Bee combination in the first place.  This combination really represents what is possible when you use genes in combination to compliment one another and fix undesirable outcomes.

We will produce a good number of this triple co-dom powerhouse and will have some available this year.  This is a must have for your collection. 

Below you will find individual pictures of Fire Bee Ball Pythons that are Available for immediate shipment.  If there are no photos below, please Contact Us to check Availability.

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