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Fire Pumpkin Champagne Ball Pythons

Fire Pumpkin Champagne Ball Python Python regius

The Fire Pumpkin Champagne is another spectacular combination involving the Fire.  It is becoming evident that there is no ball python morph that is not enhanced by the presence of the Fire gene.  The Fire really softens the contrast on the Pumpkin Champagne and brightens the orange and purple.  Another interesting aspect of this combination are the eyes.  The eye color is a darker black and the pupil is red like the Super Fire just not quite as intense.  We are starting to see these eyes in several of the Fire combinations.  As with many of the Champagne combinations, the pied white areas around the tail similar to a ringer, seems to be part of this combination as well.  We have produced some Fire Champagnes without the white, but it does seem to happen regularly with the Fire Pumpkin Champagnes that have been produced so far.  

Below you will find individual pictures of Fire Pumpkin Champagne Ball Pythons that are Available for immediate shipment.  If there are no photos below, please call +1 (405) 414-6044 or Email to check Availability.

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