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Champagne Ball Pythons (Pumpkin Line)

Pumpkin Champagne Ball Python Python regius

The story of the Pumpkin Champagne.  When I first starting working the the Champagne gene, I did not have much experience with it.  The first animals that I acquired in the project were very orange and did not look like other Champagnes I had seen.  I called the breeder and asked him if it was possible that my animal was a Mimosa.  He said he didn't think so, but that it could be a het.  That same year, I acquired a Lesser Champagne from another breeder.  I have bred that animal many times this year.  His Champagne babies look like the traditional, tan normal Champagnes.  Champagne was given its name because they were the color of Champagne.  Until this year, I had only produced my Pumpkin line of Champagnes.  Now that I have produced the other line coupled with the fact that I have produced far more offspring from the Pumpkin line to give me enough data to determine that they are in fact different.  I simply cannot keep these lines in the same category and expect any type of predictable results.  The babies from this line are so Orange and amazing compared to normal Champagnes that there must be another gene at work here.  

The differences in results using this line are at least as significant as the differences between the normal Woma and HGW.  There is just no comparison in the babies I am now seeing with the normal Champagne line compared to the Pumpkin line that I have been working with.     

Below you will find individual pictures of Pumpkin Champagne Ball Pythons that are Available for immediate shipment.  If there are no photos below, please contact us for current availability.

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Champagne Het. Orange Crush Ball Python 18M1
Price: $250.00
Champagne Het. Orange Crush Ball Python 18M1
Champagne Het,. Crush Ball Python
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